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Perfect Storm

Gentle Strength can help you with the right combination of services to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In a relaxing, healing environment, you’ll be guided by skilled professionals who are certified and licensed in their disciplines, which range from counseling and life coaching to an array of

other proven.



Our name reflects our belief that each person has a vast source of strength and wellness within, ready to be explored. With this view, life’s inevitable challenges appear less puzzling, and the solutions are easier to understand and incorporate. Intuitively, we all recognize that subtle changes can have a powerful effect on our lives and our health.

Achieving a higher level of wellness doesn’t require a difficult, exhausting set of daily routines or confrontational therapy sessions that leave you emotionally drained. We help you identify and build upon your strengths to enhance your personal and work relationships, reduce stress, and renew your

inner energy.


Total Wellness

Won Best of Brighton in 2012 for family and couples counseling

Vintage Earth Antiques – We started Vintage Earth Antiques and our online shop of Energyforthesoul as a way to help people who cannot afford counseling services.  With many people out of jobs and insurance we are able to take the profits from our antique shops and pump them into Gentle Strength to help those in need. Here is our message we proudly display at our main location:  A large portion of all sales online and in store are used to help families and individuals that cannot afford counseling.  This helps people that have lost their insurance or do not have the ability to begin or continue services.  The best part is… we get to help our local community!  Thank you for your continued support in our fundraising efforts! Please check out one of our three online shops below: