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Reduce your stress levels by regularly detoxing your body.

Embrace the power of flower essence therapy when you try our line of Edward Bach Flower Remedy products.

Are you tired of feeling off? Perhaps you have health concerns that surround both your physical and emotional wellbeing that you simply cannot explain. Gentle Strength Counseling is here to help. Our staff takes a holistic approach and provides you with numerous products and therapies that promote good nutrition, detoxification, and health.


Feel good about who you are and enhance your most intriguing qualities by taking good care of both your body and mind.


Find you perfect balance

• CEDSA (Computerized Electro Dermal Stress Analysis – Nutritional testing


• Nutritional supplements and homeopathies - Standard Process, Deseret Biologicals, Standard Enzyme, and many more


• Ion cleanse / foot bath - purifies the body through the electrolysis of the water and is great for men, women, and children

• Relax with your feet in water for about 30 minutes

• Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater sense of wellbeing from each IonCleanse® session

• Results have been reported of reduced pain, reduced inflammation, improved liver,

Kidney, and colon function, as well as improved sleeping and faster recovery times.

• Most people should immediately experience an increased sense of well being and more energy

• Many children have reported greater mental clarity as a result of the foot bath

• Young couples planning families are recommended to do foot bath sessions prior to conception

• Women seeking to maintain healthy breasts throughout their life will benefit from using the ion cleanse regularly


• Infrared sauna

• Medical doctors and health practitioners worldwide recognize the High Tech Infrared sauna as perhaps the most effective method of removing both chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body

• Detoxification

• Enhanced immune system health

• Improved cardiovascular conditioning

• Stress relief

• Weight loss and cellulite control

• Pain relief


• The Migun bed uses the following methods to promote proper blood flow, relax muscles and improve flexibility, improve circulation in the blood stream, ease chronic muscle pain, increase the speed of recovery from injuries, improve rest and concentration, increase energy, heal stressed organs and help discharge toxins from the body, and more:

• Massage

• Acupuncture

• Acupressure

• Chiropractic

• Far Infrared Rays

• Jade Bulbs


• Chi machine - The Chi Machine stimulates an exclusive body response through gentle "figure 8" oscillations with the body helping to:

• Counteract the effects of stress by rapidly inducing a deep sate of relaxation

• The gentle wave-like movement of the spine relaxes the muscles of the Back improving flexibility and movement while relieving pain.

• Promote blood cell production, blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.

• Relax muscles locally

• Relieve vertebra joint pressure

• Promote a sense of well being

• Enhance lymphatic drainage

• Improve immune system function

• Massage abdominal organs to aid in digestion

• Stimulate the flow of “Chi” energy throughout the body





Our services / products:


When you put the right nutrients into your body and allow toxins to come out, you'll feel more balanced, relaxed, and healthy. Our services provide you a safe and comfortable way to align your chi.

Our staff is here to help you over some obstacles, succeed, and be well.

Your quality of life will only get better when you feed your body with proper nutrition

When you give your body what it needs, you'll not only feel better but you'll possess a sense of well-being, clarity, and peace. Our services and products have been designed to help you find balance and alignment with the universe.


Improve your health by visiting Gentle Strength Counselling and engaging in a holistic service that's right for you and your needs. Our staff is compassionate, caring, and understanding and we want to help you live up to your fullest potential.


Thrive and be well


In order to have a meaningful life and meaningful relationships, you will first need to understand yourself. Our professionals use personality testing to give you an insight into yourself.

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